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Kosher Certification Ensures Quality Products

Mannatech is committed delivering the safest and highest quality products possible for our Associates and Members. In fact, many of Mannatech’s products in the U.S. and South Africa are NSF certified. We also recognize the […]

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Improve Your Overall Health by Working Out

With summer right around the corner, many people are looking for quick and easy ways to get in shape for swimsuit season. But did you know you can improve your figure and your overall health […]

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Kathy Martz

A Mannatech Story: Stay-At-Home Mom Pays it Forward

Name: Kathy Martz Rank:  Presidential Director Location: U.S. Kathy Martz paid off her home loan, thanks in part to income she generated in the three years after joining Mannatech. This is the clearest example of how […]

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Tips for Staying Healthy during Exam Season

Student testing at the end of the year can bring much torment and stress. The pressure of passing final exams can produce bad habits such as pulling all-nighters, eating junk food for meals, consuming too […]

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VIDEO: Hear the Buzz about Mannatracker

Mannatracker is Mannatech’s newest tool that will change the way you grow your business by tracking your daily habits. Since the launch, we’ve heard from several Associates who are implementing Mannatracker and are seeing breakthroughs. […]

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A Mannatech Story: Competing at the Top – On and Off the Court

With a national title on the line in a recent National Masters Racquetball Association competition, Lucy Kupish DelSarto, a Team Mannatech member, turned to Mannatech products to overcome adversity and gain advantage over her opponents. […]

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VIDEO: Refresh & Rejuvenate Cleanse Program

Scott Miles, Mannatech’s Director of Product Marketing, gives expert commentary on why Mannatech’s 30-day purification program works and how you can benefit from it. Walk through the different stages of the cleanse with him, and learn what foods […]

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New U.S. and Canadian Directors for BP4, 2015

We are proud to announce the following Associates who, in BP4, emerged as new Leaders – Champions of our cause! Please join us in congratulating our new Directors for championing the M5M movement and helping […]

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The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

Mannatech President Al Bala Gives Inspiration on World Book Day

Today, April 23, is World Book Day! To celebrate, Mannatech President Al Bala wanted to encourage our readers and Associates to pick up a good book and learn something new. He shared his thoughts on […]

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M5M℠ Foundation Update

Mannatech announced the launch of the M5M Foundation in January 2015. This independent, non-profit organization is helping combat global childhood malnutrition by coordinating Mannatech’s efforts to connect children in need with nutritious PhytoBlend™ powder. As […]

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A Mannatech Story: Attending MannaQuest℠ was a game-changer

Kim Kroeger, from New Hampshire, was looking for a way to not just make money, but to create something good and touch as many lives as possible. He found his answer in Mannatech. During his […]

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Aug 06

A Mannatech Story: A Win-Win-Win Life

Name: Mike Geddes Location: U.S. Mike Geddes realized that working 12-16 hour days was taking its toll, so he turned to Mannatech to provide a way to retire, have income and continue serving his community. […]

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