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Powered by Ambrotose!™

Something BIG is coming! Ambrotose® powder, made by Mannatech, has been impacting people’s lives for almost 20 years. Don’t miss the full nine-minute video release at the Leadership Experience Event in Frisco, Texas, November 7-9. […]



It’s the Thought that Counts

“It’s the capacity to know what you want, and the determination to stand by that desire.” – Napoleon Hill Think & Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, is arguably the number one success book of all time. It […]

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Spend $100

Spend $100 at M5M Store and Get The Happiness Advantage, FREE

Looking to update your library with some great books and CDs? Now is the perfect time to do so. When you spend $100 at through October 31, 2014, we’ll send you a free copy of […]

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A Different Perspective Can Change Everything!

When you’re at your breaking point, a different perspective can change everything! Jim Hayhurst is well into his seventies now, but he’s still passionate about life and about helping others fulfill their dreams. Over the […]

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Start with a Foundation

Announcing the Mannatech Basics Program! This series of videos is designed to help you learn the foundational aspects of Mannatech so you can maximize your experience in every way. Learn how to place orders, find resources and […]



New Mannatech Australasia Blog

Join the conversation at Mannatech Australasia’s new blog, an informative destination for Mannatech health, nutrition, business, people, events, news and more! A recent article, Mannatech: a pioneering and passionate company, was just posted and is worth the read! The […]

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organic part 3

What Is Organic and Why Should I Care? Part 3

Editor’s Note: This article is one part in a series of our most popular posts which are being migrated from to All About Mannatech. This is the third part of our three-part series on […]


Expert Training with MannaSocial Webinars

At MannaQuest 2014, we introduced a powerful new tool for Associates to use Facebook to promote and expand their businesses. That tool is called MannaSocial. MannaSocial is a personalized Facebook business page where you can […]



Leadership can be challenging, but it comes with great rewards

“The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion. The tunnel is.” – Author Unknown A Strong Commitment True leaders hold a bold vision of a future state. What they see would […]

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shopmannatechcom has a fresh new look!

We hope you’ve had the chance to leverage the horsepower of one of Mannatech’s best tools:! We’ve added some exciting updates to the site in order to better serve you. What is different: A new, friendlier homepage […]


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Dr. Martin Kassir experiencing M5M℠ in South Africa

Dr. Martin Kassir, MD, recently traveled to South Africa to promote Ūth Skin Crème and to visit a school that receives M5M-donated PhytoBlend™ powder because of Mannatech’s donation through consumption business model, M5M. As the […]

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Forbes Magazine on Direct Selling

It’s no secret that direct selling (otherwise known as multi-level marketing or network marketing) tends to elicit a wide range of responses from people. Some call it an outright scam while others have heard stories […]

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