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Fucoidans—Healthful Saccharides from the Sea!

The aloe vera plant is fundamental to who we are! While aloe vera will probably always remain center stage for Mannatech, other actors in our glyconutrient portfolio are certainly worthy of honorable mentions!  Let’s take […]

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Dr. Sinnott Lab

Dr. Rob Sinnott Featured in 2014 DSN Magazine

Dr. Rob Sinnott, CEO and Chief Science Officer, was recently featured in the January 2014 Direct Selling News magazine’s Top Desk section.  His article, “The Science of Business” is fascinating in that he looks at […]

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Ūth Video and Bo’s Call: Share our Science and Engage Prospects!

Sharing Mannatech and our science with Prospects has never been this easy! Use our videos to make Ūth™ Skin Rejuvenation Crème come alive with dynamic graphics and easy-to-understand narration. When people see it, they really start to understand […]

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So What Exactly ARE Microspheres?

Have you ever heard of microspheres? Microspheres are designed to help the plant-sourced glycans in Mannatech’s new Ūth Skin Matrix Rejuvenation Creme move toward deep layers of our skin and reduce lines and wrinkles we […]

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Review on Polysaccharides and the Brain by Dr. Sinnott and Colleagues

First, a little history. About ten years ago, a young scientist decided to test the effects of Mannatech’s glyconutrients on brain function using science’s gold standard: rigorous placebo-controlled human clinical trials. To date, this scientist […]

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Free Training That Will Help You Reach Your Target and Stay There!

Come to a FREE training event at the Mannatech Corporate office, Saturday, February 23rd, from 9:30-1:30 CST!  Hear results and tips from Mannatech’s top performers such as Demra Robbins, Simeon Cryer, Merri-jo Hillaker and Kevin […]

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New Year’s Resolutions from Mannatech’s R&D Team

Judging from the sight of entire aisles set aside for weight-loss products in grocery stores and the sudden bump in fitness club enthusiasts, it’s clear that, for many Americans, New Year’s Resolutions are all about […]


Press Release: Mannatech Announces Publication of Ambrotose Product Prebiotic Study

Scientists at Ghent University explore bacterial effects on digestive health (Coppell, Texas) October 10, 2012 – Mannatech, Incorporated (NASDAQ: MTEX), the leading innovator and provider of naturally sourced supplements based on Real Food Technology® solutions, […]

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Mannatech Gives a Thumbs Up to The Economist Cover Story: Microbes Maketh Man

Here at Mannatech, we are celebrating the cover story of the August 18th edition of The Economist, which introduced its readers to the human microbiome—the roughly 100 trillion bacteria that populate our bodies, inside and out. According to […]

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8 Amazing Mannatech Online Resources (and What You Can Do With Them)

Over the past couple years, the team at Mannatech has created some pretty cool online resources. But it can be a bit difficult at times to keep up with everything. Plus, with social media, blogging […]

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So Much to Be Thankful For

Here in the U.S., Thanksgiving is upon us. Which got me thinking about just how much we in Mannatech have to be thankful for. Sure, we’re always thankful for our unrivaled nutritional products. We’re thankful […]

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