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Beginning around the age of 40, we humans tend to experience distressing changes in our body composition: more fat and less lean.  Of particular concern is age-related loss of skeletal muscle, which can lead to […]

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Super CEO Reveals the Recipe for Wellness

Who’s able to lead a wellness company in a single bound? Who has the best products in the world? Who’s a wellness Champion for everyone? Mannatech’s Super CEO, Dr. Rob Sinnott, of course! The doctor jogged onto stage Thursday evening […]

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Show Mom How Much You Care with Mannatech!

Mother, Madre, Mor, Aiti … it is the sweetest word in the language, and it is the greatest of all loves. She is celebrated all over the world and we honor her on May 11. Here are […]

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Making our Omega-3 Product Better with Vitamin D3

Editor’s note: Here’s our latest press release regarding the enhancements in value innovation we’ve made with our Omega-3 supplement. Pass it along and make sure your organization knows about all the ways this product is […]