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John O’Leary Is Proof of the Power of the Human Spirit

After being burned as a child on 100 percent of his body, John O’Leary knows how to rise above adversity. He knows how to adapt to whatever may come. We are fortunate to have John […]

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Ray Robbins Announces Mannatech’s 100 Patents

In this short clip, Ray Robbins, Co-Founder of Mannatech, congratulates everyone for their efforts in helping Mannatech reach its 100-patent milestone. We received the Certificate of Patent for Korea Patent No. 10-1464500 for the PhytoMatrix® formulation […]

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Chinese New Year – Foods that bring good luck

Much like the Western tradition of serving black-eyed peas during New Year’s celebrations as a symbol of prosperity, many Asian cultures celebrate the Chinese New Year with traditional foods that symbolize good luck. Citrus fruits […]


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Associate Lori Cutter shares the benefits of networking on the beach

White sandy beaches glisten and feel as soft as silk. Breathtaking, blue ocean waters rejuvenate the hard-at-work. Voices excited with laughter sparkle like splashes of water in sunlight. Warm sunshine welcomes the elite achievers of […]

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Get energized with Jeff Civillico at MannaFest!

Mannatech is proud to announce that entertainer Jeff Civillico will be performing at MannaFest 2015! Civillico (pronounced Sivilico) is an entertainer who blends his perfected art of juggling with friendly audience interaction and insane amounts […]



The Mayan Riviera – a getaway for celebrities

The Mayan Riviera, the location for the 2016 incentive, is known for its beauty and history, but it has recently become the place where the celebrity-set comes to relax. According to Forbes Magazine, the Mayan […]



February 19, 2015 — Happy Chinese New Year, Mannatech!

As the Western world finishes celebrating their New Year, many others are beginning to celebrate Chinese New Year. It’s the most awaited festival of the year and is celebrated all over the world. Imagine a […]



Tulum — A Site for the Imagination!

You are all working hard making goals and creating habits. You are making strides toward earning the trip of a lifetime – the Mayan Riviera Incentive. We know you’re dreaming of the white sandy beaches, […]

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Mannatech CEO responds to recall of herbal supplements

Following is a statement from Dr. Rob Sinnott, CEO and Chief Science Officer at Mannatech, a global developer of wellness and nutritional products, regarding the recent investigation of herbal supplements in New York State. Recent […]

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Sharing Mannatech’s Science and Mission with Millennials

On February 10, 2015, personnel from Mannatech, Incorporated spent a day at Texas Woman’s University teaching graduate students about our science and technology. This was an important step in sharing our life-changing products with the […]

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Best-Selling Author, Paul Zane Pilzer, to Speak at MannaFest

Paul Zane Pilzer is a world-renowned economist, a social entrepreneur and the author of nine best-selling books. Two of his books, The Next Millionaires and The New Wellness Revolution, are discussed briefly below. The predictions Pilzer makes […]

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U.S. and Canadian New Directors for BP 1, 2015

Please congratulate the following New Directors for BP 1, 2015! They have gone above and beyond in sharing the Mannatech mission and vision! CA Regional Directors Junwei Zhang Marg Engholm Zhi Gang Liu Tiantao Cai […]

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What Is a Patent and Why Should I Care?

In lieu of Mannatech having received its 100th patent, we thought it would be helpful to provide a Patents 101 post, so you can better understand just how significant this is to us as a nutritional […]



Mannatech’s Goldmine of Tools

Do you ever wonder what tools you should share with what audience and which ones are the best fit to help you grow your business? We have a plethora of printed tools, videos and PDFs […]

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One Pioneer, 100 Patents

Mannatech is proud to announce its 100th patent, an achievement that is certainly reflective of Mannatech’s pioneering work as a top tier developer of nutritional products. This milestone is a great example of how Mannatech […]

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For the love of chocolate, and our health

If you’re searching for a healthy chocolate alternative this holiday, but still want to please the chocolate lover, we’ve offered some alternatives that are health conscious. You won’t find any added sugar, butter or flour […]

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Keep the workout resolution fire burning

A new year comes, resolutions are made and resolutions are broken. According to a survey conducted by Twitter, the most common New Year’s resolution mentioned was “working out.” Sadly, according to a study by the […]

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Ambrotose® Powder Makes a Difference!

Your immune system is influenced more by your environment than by your genes. Have you ever wondered if some of your friends were born with stronger immune systems than the one you inherited? Many of the […]

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2015 — Celebrating National Holidays in Asia

Please note the following national holidays in Asia for the month of February. Korea — The Korea office will be closed from Wednesday, February 18th until Friday, February 20th for Lunar New Year. They will resume […]

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The Riviera Maya Is Rich in Flavor and Art

Following Mannatech leaders to the Incentive trip is a destination you’ll definitely want to strive for as nothing compares to this beautiful area of Mexico. Read this blog to get your business-building muscle pumping and […]