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Getting a kick out of avocados

As Super Bowl weekend approaches, it can be a challenge to stick with your healthier-eating plans with all the snacks readily available. We’re re-sharing the blog post below (from January 5) to encourage you to stick […]



Pre-launch meetings scheduled in preparation for Colombia opening

Mannatech is excited to announce its preparation to launch in Colombia, our first operation in the South American market. This brings our total global presence to 25 countries. We are hosting our first tour of […]

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Spice Up your Cleansing Regimen

Herbs are truly a gift. Not only do they add wonderful flavor to dishes, but they offer many health benefits, including the possibility of cleansing the body of harmful toxins. This is exciting if you’ve […]

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Be more like the Mayans!

As many of you know, the 2015 Mannatech Incentive will be at the Riviera Maya located on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico. Complete with white, sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and opportunities for snorkeling, spa treatments and […]



Product Discontinuation Announcement, Jan. 26, 2015

Please note, after much consideration, we have decided to discontinue the products listed below. Slowing demand, increased manufacturing costs, and in some cases the emergence of newer, more effective technologies have led us to this […]

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Mannatech’s Global Commitment to Quality Products

To develop innovative products, Mannatech’s scientists seek unique technologies that anticipate the needs of today’s sophisticated consumer. These products, of the highest quality and value, meet consumer, regulatory and industry standards. Bringing them to market […]

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Facts About Chocolate: Just for Fun!

Test your chocolate trivia! Did you know? Aztec Emperor Montezuma drank 50 golden goblets of hot chocolate, dyed red and flavored with chili peppers, every day. The average American consumes more than 10 pounds of […]

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MannaTrackerAAM (2)

Sign up with Mannatracker and create daily habits to drive success

Introducing Mannatech’s newest, more exciting tool ever! Mannatracker is Mannatech’s newest tool that helps you grow your business by helping you be personally accountable for your daily habits. It is also: An important component of implementing the Mannatech […]

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Sweet! Chocolate PhytoBurst® Chews Are Here!

For a limited time only, indulge in Mannatech’s newest PhytoBurst flavor, chocolate! Getting good nutrition has never been so delicious. Mannatech’s PhytoBurst Nutritional Chews support your diet with balanced nutrition. They provide essential nutrients with […]



Mannatech Receives 99th Global Patent!

We are happy to announce that Mannatech received the Certificate of Grant from the Japan patent on November 7, 2014 for our PhytoMatrix formulation. This patent will remain in effect for 20 years from the date […]

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It’s a good habit, and I’m sticking to it!

Think about the goals you’ve made this year. Maybe you want to develop mental resiliency. Maybe you want to be more productive. Perhaps your dream is to qualify for the Mannatech incentive trip. Whatever it […]

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Assorted fruit on white background

Smooth(ie) your way into the new year

If you are thinking about kicking off your new year with a healthier eating regimen, we want to share three wonderful smoothies that are great complements to Mannatech’s 30-Day Purification Program. These nutrient-rich drinks are […]

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Red apple and A Plus sign, Concept of learning

Mannatech Scored an A+ on Its Dietary Supplement Report Card

The following article was taken from mannatechscience.org. Consumers today are faced with a huge number of dietary supplement choices. According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN),† “Some choices are smarter than others, and consumers […]

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U.S. and Canadian New Directors for BP 13, 2014

Please congratulate the following New Directors for BP 13, 2014! They have gone above and beyond in sharing the Mannatech mission and vision!   CANADA REGIONALS John Lemon, Burnaby, BC Hui Su, Calgary, AB Gang […]

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U.S. and Canadian New Directors for BP 12, 2014

Please congratulate the following New Directors for BP 12, 2014! They have gone above and beyond in sharing the Mannatech mission and vision! CANADA REGIONALS Burdine Acheson, Pine Lake, AB Li Ma, Richmond, BC Bing […]

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2015 Small-Business Outlook: Turning Optimism into Growth

As 2014 came to an end, economic indicators began to show positive signs of growth, prompting optimism for business outlook in 2015. The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) recently announced that its survey, the […]

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Health Benefits of Chocolate

Mmm, just the word ‘chocolate’ makes the mouth water. From satiny fondues to rich and creamy, melt-in-your-mouth bon bons, chocolate is delicious, and it can be healthy, too! Rich in antioxidants, flavonol-rich dark chocolate may […]

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Getting Down and Dirty About Cleansing

Cleansing your body is all about recharging, rejuvenating and feeling your best … no dusting or soap required. It involves “clean” eating — with dieting and fasting aside. Anyone can benefit from a good cleanse, […]

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Food trends for 2015: Real food that promotes health

The start of 2015 is a great opportunity for a personal “reboot,” and is a chance to start the new year with a new you. The hottest trends in food and dieting in 2015 are […]


Be All that You Can Be in 2015!

Last year we saw the launch of Mannatech’s 3 Point Plan system, and with it, tremendous team development that’s only going to increase in 2015. The purpose of this new business system is to develop […]