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Revitalize in 30 days — watch this video …

Have you tried Mannatech’s Refresh and Rejuvenate program? Are you ready to make a difference in the way you eat and feel? Watch this video and discover why Mannatech’s whole-food cleanse works. Director of Product […]

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Ūth™ Skin Crème – You’ll want it by the gallon!

No one knows Ūth Skin Crème better than Mannatech’s Senior Wellness Director, Steve Nugent. He gave an in-depth presentation at MannaFest 2015 on how to look good on the outside and feel good on the inside. If you […]

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The Wellness Revolution Is Now

We are at the forefront of a revolution — a personal revolution, a social revolution and a wellness revolution. We are hungry to be extraordinary. Join us! Watch this video:

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Associates and Members – It’s your turn to be authors!

We want to hear from you. Be a voice on AllAboutMannatech.com — a community that reaches thousands of like-minded individuals. You are the foundation of this great company. Your voice matters.. Writing a blog post […]



Grow Your Business and Jump-Start the Incentive

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! The 1,2,3 Direct Bonus Promotion is a great way to earn extra cash while helping grow your business. Within one full BP, sign up two All-Stars and earn three […]



A Family that Plays Together …

Mannatech is in the business of changing lives. Having better health, spending more time with family and enjoying more freedom are all potential rewards for Mannatech’s Associates and customers. Mannatech co-founder and double platinum Presidential, […]

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Upcoming Events You Don’t Want to Miss!

Whether you were at MannaFest 2015 or not, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to hear further details from our CEO and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Robert Sinnott, or President, Al Bala, on the […]

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Understanding How the Mannatracker™ Tool Works

Did you know? Mannatracker is available in three languages: English, Spanish and Chinese. When signing up for Mannatracker, users have the option to select their preferred language, including English, Spanish and Chinese. If you are […]


Mannatech’s Tips for Getting a Hollywood Complexion

Mannatech surveyed* thousands of its sales Associates asking them to rate actresses’ facial skin complexion based on their skin tone, texture and appearance of wrinkles. Meryl Streep was selected as having the best complexion compared […]


Eat Right, Exercise and Have Fun While on Vacation!

Spring break travels can sometimes be about burgers and beaches, while putting exercise on the back burner. These things can bust any resolution to lose weight and stay in shape. To avoid overeating and becoming unfit […]

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MannaFest 2015: Joel Bikman’s Seven Tips for Success

At MannaFest 2015, we heard from our Chief Marketing Officer and football enthusiast, Joel Bikman, who laid out seven tips for success. He began by discussing famous football player and coach, Jim Harbaugh, who led […]


Uth winners tour

Ūth™ Skin Crème Winners Tour

Winners from last year’s Ūth incentive contest won a guided tour through Cosmetics Lab, the manufacturer of Ūth Skin Crème. We videotaped the tour and shared it at MannaFest 2015. If you missed it, watch it now […]

Cindi Owen

Ūth™ Skin Crème Results: Cindi Owen

Associate Cindi Owen just turned 65 years old and has been using Ūth Skin Crème for the past 12 months. She is seeing big results as evident in the following video which we aired at MannaFest 2015. If you missed […]


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by Eating Green!

It’s natural to “go green” on St. Patrick’s Day. Make it a veggie day and commit to eating healthier. Vegetables and fruit are critical in our diets for promoting good health. But, are you eating enough […]



New U.S. and Canadian Directors for BP 2, 2015

We are proud to announce the following Associates who, in BP 2, emerged as new Leaders – Champions of our cause! Please join us in congratulating our new Directors for championing the M5M movement and […]

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Mannatech has a Heart for Helping Nourish the World

According to the World Health Organization, approximately five million children die each year from issues related to malnutrition. The World Health Organization also states that childhood malnutrition can hinder brain development, reduce intellectual capacity and […]

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Mannatech’s simple tips for a healthy heart

Did you do anything in February to support American Heart Month? The American Heart Association works to encourage healthier habits for a healthier heart. In February, they released My Life Check, as a way for […]

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Eric Worre1

A Special Message from Eric Worre

Network Marketing Pro, Eric Worre, invites you to MannaFest 2016 where he will be the keynote speaker. Eric Worre is one of the leading authorities on Network Marketing. He has been in the industry for […]



Pre-launch meetings in Colombia

Mannatech is excited to announce the upcoming launch in Colombia, our first operation in the South American market. This brings our total global presence to 25 countries. We are hosting pre-launch meetings that are scheduled […]

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“Walk with me.” – Speaker John O’Leary

Tears flowed in between bouts of laughter as hearts learned the real power of love with guest speaker John O’Leary. Imagine taking all the emotions you’ve ever felt and combined them into one. That was the […]