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Forbes Magazine on Direct Selling

It’s no secret that direct selling (otherwise known as multi-level marketing or network marketing) tends to elicit a wide range of responses from people. Some call it an outright scam while others have heard stories […]



M5M China Run Update #4 – Weathering the Storm

In the first three M5M℠ China Run Update blog posts, we read about Jason’s encounters as he continues his quest to raise awareness for the epidemic of malnutrition by running 2,500 miles in 100 days […]

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M5M China Run Update #3 – Inspired by a Broken Wall

In the first M5M China Run update blog post, How to Eat an Elephant, we made mention of the fact that much of the Great Wall of China has been so destroyed by war and the […]

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M5M China Run Update #2 – The People of The Great Wall

If you’re like most people, the mention of the Great Wall of China initially conjures up any number of objective and impressive ideas: over 3,000 miles in length – built over the course of two […]

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Should You Use Social Media for Your Business?

At this point, it’s been almost universally accepted that Social Media is here to stay. In fact, everyone from Forbes to the New York Times has recognized that it’s the landscape of business for the […]

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1-Dr  Sinnott's Secret Smoothie - YouTube clipular

Dr. Sinnott’s Secret Smoothie

For those of us who work at the corporate office, one of the great things about having Dr. Rob Sinnott as both our Chief Executive Officer as well as our Chief Science Officer is that […]

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Press Release: Mannatech Announces Title Sponsorship of M5M China Run

At MannaFest 2014 we proudly announced that we were partnering with ultra endurance athlete Jason Lester as he runs over 2,500 miles across the Great Wall of China in under 100 days to raise awareness […]

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Ūth™ FB Contest Winner: 85 Years Old and Looking Younger Every Day

Recently we ran a contest on Facebook to promote our newest skincare product, Ūth Advanced Skin Matrix Rejuvenation Crème. For the contest, we asked people who have been using Ūth skin crème to submit their Before and After photos. We […]

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Nutraingredients-USA Features Mannatech Ambrotose Study

Mannatech’s Ambrotose study has garnered lots of attention, and was most recently featured by Nutraingredients-USA, a daily online news service that seeks out news stories and data of value to decision-makers in the North American […]

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Dr. Nugent Speaks Out on Ambrotose Products

Have you ever wondered what makes our Ambrotose® products so special? And, how they work and what makes them different from anything else on the market?  Perhaps you just want to understand the difference between Ambrotose complex […]

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Nature’s Sugars: A Sweet Story for Valentine’s Day

In the spirit of a holiday that celebrates the sweet things in life, we thought it was only fitting to spotlight our sweet spot: the science of nutritional glycobiology, or as it is called: The […]

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Ambrotose Improves Memory, New Study Finds

In a press release issued on Wednesday, February 12th, we were proud to announce the findings of a new study conducted on our Ambrotose® Complex powder by Dr. Talitha Best. In the study, 73 healthy, […]

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New Year! New Ūth™ Skin Rejuvenation Crème Bundles!

What better way to start the new year than with these fantastic Ūth™ Skin Rejuvenation Crème bundles? Below are our most popular bundles, offering outstanding value and price.   Ūth Skin Rejuvenation Crème releases your body’s […]

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Customizable Ūth™ Sales Tools Are Waiting For You!

By now, you’ve used Ūth™ Skin Rejuvation Creme, you’ve seen what it can do, you’ve embraced all that is has to offer and you are benefiting from the many available marketing tools. Well, now your ready […]

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Aloe Vera—The Foundation of Mannatech

Editor’s Note: This article is one of our most popular posts which are being migrated from ChooseReal.com to All About Mannatech. We hope you enjoy it! The story of classic Ambrotose® complex does not begin […]

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Glyconutrients 101: The Patents

Editor’s Note: This article is one part in a series of our most popular posts which are being migrated from ChooseReal.com to All About Mannatech. This is the third part of our three-part series on […]

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10 Social Media Facts You Need to Know

So What’s the Big Deal About Social Media? Everything! What was once a fringe element of communication and social connectedness is now THE main way for virtually all businesses as well as people on this […]

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Fucoidans—Healthful Saccharides from the Sea!

The aloe vera plant is fundamental to who we are! While aloe vera will probably always remain center stage for Mannatech, other actors in our glyconutrient portfolio are certainly worthy of honorable mentions!  Let’s take […]

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Ūth Skin Crème Paris Winners Announced!

Please join us in congratulating our U.S. and Canada winners of the Ūth™ Skin Rejuvenation Crème promo! The two winners (Canada and U.S.) who had the highest sales in qualifying Ūth Skin Care orders, after meeting […]

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Caregivers Say “Thank You” to Mannatech

We’ve put together a very special video for you to see how your work is impacting the world. Listen to caregivers from orphanages, soup kitchens and food centers around the world who care for the children that you […]

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