Articles Posted: June, 2013

Observance of July 4th Holiday!

The Mannatech corporate office will be closed on Thursday, July 4th, in observance of Independence Day. The office will have an early closing at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 3rd. The office will reopen on […]



Double Your Rewards for Being on Auto Order!

There have always been perks for being on Auto Order with Mannatech. But starting July 6th, we’re taking it to a whole new level with the new Loyalty Program. The video presentation below covers all […]


MannaTrekker Jason Lester: Not Too Late to Donate!

As you probably know by now, Team Mannatech athlete, Jason Lester, is in the middle of a 3,100 mile cross-country run in support of Waves for Water’s “Operation Rebuild and Restore” and “Hurricane Sandy Relief […]


Flashback Friday: Week of June 24th

It was quite a week! Here’s what happened: Bo’s Saturday Champion Call, June 22nd, was all about Gaining Momentum! If you didn’t get a chance to hear it, listen to it now, and get ready to create […]

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Give for Real: Greyton Soup Kitchen in South Africa

A team from Mannatech visited Greyton, South Africa, a small, rural, farming community in the mountains east of Capetown, to check up on what impact the Give for Real® program was having. These kids typically […]

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Extra! Extra! Korea Press on Asia MannaFest 2013 Made Front-Page Headlines!

The inaugural Asia MannaFest℠ event in Seoul, South Korea, broke more than attendance records, it exploded onto the front page of Korea Marketing Newspaper, and was featured on page 12!  Also, a four-page full-color article […]


Hear it from Associates: Quest 2013 in Seattle was Life Changing!

Don’t take our word for how amazing the Seattle Quest was. Hear it from excited Associates from around the U.S. as they share their enthusiasm! They talk about how MannaQuest Seattle this past weekend, June […]


Bo Short’s Champion Video: The Looking Zone

Bo Short illustrates a unique way of talking to your team—it’s called the Looking Zone. Most people spend their time either in or out of this Zone. If they are “in” the Zone, you have […]

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Bo Short’s Champion Call – Listen Now!

Bo’s Saturday Champion Call, June 22nd, was all about Gaining Momentum! If you didn’t get a chance to hear it, listen to it now, and get ready to create action! Just to recap: What does it […]

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Flashback Friday!

Presidential Director, Kevin Robbins, and President of Business and Field Development, Bo Short, took the stage during TUESDAY NIGHT LIVE on June 18th! Kevin Robbins shared a succinct overview of Mannatech. Bo Short dynamically presented, […]



Bo Short Champion Fuel Video: Looking at Champions!

What does a Champion look like, act like? Bo shares important indicators to watch closely for as you choose people to Champion the mission. There are expected behaviors that you want to look for. Champions […]

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Bo Short’s Building Champions Call – Listen Now!

Bo’s call was inspirational, powerful and fit for a Champion! If you didn’t get a chance to hear it this past Saturday at 11:00 a.m. EST, listen to it now. Just to recap: Bo’s focus […]

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Flashback Friday: Discover Glyconutrients and The Art of Promotion!

Tuesday Night LIVE During the June 11th Tuesday Night Live event, Dr. Steve Nugent, Mannatech’s Wellness Director gave a wonderful explanation of glyconutrients and cellular communication. He talked in length about their benefits, new scientific […]

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Associate Danica Stenberg’s Social Entrepreneurial Spirit Travels Far!

This past June, 2013, Danica traveled to orphanages in Port Au Prince, Haiti, bringing 450 pounds of diapers and vitamins – MannaBears and NutriVerus™ powder – to very needy children at the New Life Children’s Home, a […]

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Building Champions with Bo Short

Building Champions is not only the name of the weekly call, it’s what Bo does.  Jim McCaslin, the former C.O.O. of Harley-Davidson Motor Company said about Bo, “Bo designs and implements tailor-made programs that build […]

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Congratulations to Our Newest Canadian Presidentials!

The following Canadian Presidentials are go-getters committed to helping others make a difference. They’ve taken the challenge in sharing our mission and vision!  Let’s applaud the newest Champions of the Cause!   Bao Gang Cai, […]



Kudos Abound for Our BP 1- 3 Power Bonus Cabo Winners…and Then Some!

These three lucky Associates are going to Cabo! They each qualified for Power Bonuses in BPs 1 – 3 and were selected from our drawing as winners! Jing Yan Tu. Canada. BP1 Winner Hakjin Han. […]

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Flashback Friday: What it Means to Be a Social Entrepreneur

During Tuesday Night Live, on June 4th, we saw Mannatech in Action! Our CEO, Dr. Rob Sinnott, and Social Entrepreneur Clark Diemer shared with us their recent visits to a number of South African orphanages. […]

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A Sweet Story of Saccharides

More than likely, you’ve heard of and know what carbohydrates are—organic compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. But, did you know that some carbohydrates are sugars, or saccharides. Depending on the number of sugars […]

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1-JD vs Vera - Copy - Copy

Golden Gloves Winner: Javier Diaz

In addition to being the Associate Hub, one of the purposes of All About Mannatech is to give you a little look behind the curtain at the corporate offices; to see a little part of […]