Articles Posted: May, 2013

Flashback Friday: Improve Your Presentation, Your Actions, Your Attitudes!

Tuesday Night Live This week during Tuesday Night Live, on May 28th, special guest Associate Lawanda Murphy exemplified a Real Success Story! She demonstrated how simple it is to host an XFM event and shared her […]

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Meet Mannatech’s Mighty Source of Mannans: Manapol

Mannans are powerful compounds whose benefits are many! They’ve also been critical to the success of Mannatech. Mannans are complex, beneficial polysaccharides (carbohydrates) found in  small amounts in many food plants. Few plants, however, contain mannans […]

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Spotlight on Tiffany Vardell: Motocross Champion

When Tiffany Vardell, Project Services Coordinator, is not racing around trying to keep up with all the print jobs in the marketing department, she is competing in off-road/cross-country motorcycle racing. We talked with her briefly […]



The Mannatech Story Booklet Is Now a Part of Our iPad App!

That’s right! Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any easier to take our incredible new story booklet with you….. We put it in our Mannatech+ iPad app. Whether you already know and love […]

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Want to Know Why You Can’t Miss Quest? Watch and See!

The new Quest promo is here – check it out! We are having not one, but THREE amazing Regional Quests this year! And just to refresh, they are: Seattle – June 21-23 Orlando – June […]

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Flashback Friday: Story Booklet & Building Rapport With Anyone!

Jeff Allen walked us through the amazing Mannatech Story booklet during Tuesday Night Live, on May 14th. Jeff shared how he first got involved with Mannatech and how the products and the business really made […]

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The National Academy of Sciences Speaks Out on Glycobiology

Recently, The National Academy of Sciences, through The National Academies Press, released a new report titled, Transforming Glycoscience:  A Roadmap for the Future. This publication presents a roadmap for transforming glycoscience from a field dominated […]

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Four Great Ways to Share the Mannatech Story!

The story of Mannatech has become the kind of epic legacy that doesn’t need a lot of embellishment. In fact, it’s so amazing that it really speaks for itself! Our goal has been to try […]

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Germain Rodriguez: The First Presidential and 2012 Business Builder for Mexico!

Big congratulations are in order for Germain Vaca Rodriguez! He is not only the first Presidential, but also the 2012 Business Builder in Mexico! Let’s stand up and cheer! Germain has been with Mannatech since […]

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The Mannatech Story – Coming to the Screen!

The Mannatech: A Company of Destiny booklet is coming to the screen…your own personal screen! It’s now available in a digital magazine! It’s an interactive and searchable carbon copy of the print edition that can be […]

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Associate Johanna Gil Reaches Silver Presidential!

Is it a great honor to announce that Associate Johanna Gil has advanced to Silver Presidential.  But it’s no surprise. Johanna has gone above and beyond, as well as demonstrated an unmatched amount of dedication, […]

Now There’s More Potent Aloe in Your Advanced Ambrotose!

Advanced Ambrotose® is now even more advanced*! We’ve added Manapol®, a more pure and effective form of aloe vera gel extract that gives our product a more advanced glyconutrient profile, and is exclusive to Mannatech. It contains a […]

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Keeping Pace with Jason Lester

If you’ve been around Mannatech for any time at all, you probably already know that we are incredibly proud to count extreme endurance triathlete, Jason Lester, as one of our own. Right now, Jason is […]

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NutriVerus™ Powder Is in South Africa!

We are proud to announce the launch of NutriVerus powder in South Africa! This marks the 16th country that has this completely unique supplement. This launch has been eagerly awaited by our South African Associates and […]

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Counting Down to Cabo? You’re Almost There!

The Cabo qualification deadline is June 7th. Although it’s less than a month away, you still have time to qualify! You can almost hear the waves, smell the food from the gourmet restaurants, see yourself […]

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Flashback Friday: this past week’s events were powerful business transformers!

“If there’s something to be, it’s up to me.” “When you want to change the world, where do you look first? The man in the mirror.” – Al Bala, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer We relished in […]

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Cabo Deadline Is Less Than One Month Away—Success Tracker™* Can Help Get You There!

You have knocked yourself out with all your hard work towards earning your trip to Cabo – big kudos to you for getting this far! But if you have just a few more points to […]

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How To Use Instagram

Here at Mannatech, we love to see what’s going on in the big wide Manna-World! Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular new social media networks because of how easy it is to […]

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