Articles Posted: 2011

Too Many Christmas Goodies Weighing You Down?

With some of the more recent seasonal holidays behind us and ­Christmas quickly approaching are you feeling overly “full” like I am? Doesn’t it seem like every time you turn around someone is passing out […]


8 Amazing Mannatech Online Resources (and What You Can Do With Them)

Over the past couple years, the team at Mannatech has created some pretty cool online resources. But it can be a bit difficult at times to keep up with everything. Plus, with social media, blogging […]

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It’s a PromoPalooza at Mannatech!

It’s rare that we simply post about buying products from Mannatech here at But there are simply too many killer offers to not at least attract a little attention to them. So pardon the […]


So Much to Be Thankful For

Here in the U.S., Thanksgiving is upon us. Which got me thinking about just how much we in Mannatech have to be thankful for. Sure, we’re always thankful for our unrivaled nutritional products. We’re thankful […]

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Press Release: Mannatech Spotlights Top Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

As we mentioned in a recent article, the writers over at have really been churning out some amazing content. And now there’s a press release to prove it even more. Read the full release […]

Exercise Tips, Nutrition Commentary and Lots More at

The posts over at are always good, but lately, they’ve been REALLY good. Wait, don’t tell me you’ve never heard of It’s Mannatech’s award-winning blog that focuses on nutrition, healthy eating, supplements and […]


Another Patent for Ambrotose (how many does that make?)

We at Mannatech just announced yet another patent for our Ambrotose® technology, boosting our total to a whopping 52 worldwide (just for Ambrotose technology). Published in Brazil, it’s just one more example of Mannatech’s commitment […]


It’s Fun Giving Away iPads (especially this many of ’em)

I never knew giving away iPads could be this fun! You probably already know that we launched our new Real Switch Challenge incentive in early September. And you probably already know that part of that […]

How Ambrotose Complex Helps Improve Well-Being

Yet another study featuring Mannatech’s flagship product, Ambrotose® complex, was recently published, thanks to Dr. Talitha Best and her colleagues in Australia. The full details of the press release are available below. The study shed more […]


What It Really Means to Make the Real Switch

The last 30 days have been nothing if not exhilarating in the world of Mannatech. Sparked by MannaQuest 2011, we’re seeing a huge influx of excitement and enthusiasm with our Associates, and at the corporate office. One […]


Five More Patents for Mannatech

When we talk about having truly unique technology, we mean it. Otherwise, having more than 65 patents in 30 countries simply wouldn’t be possible. Even better is that our list of patents just keeps getting […]

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What’s This All About?

Things are looking a little different here at, huh? For a few years, we at corporate have used this site to serve as another way to gain exposure to all of the great stuff […]

Making our Omega-3 Product Better with Vitamin D3

Editor’s note: Here’s our latest press release regarding the enhancements in value innovation we’ve made with our Omega-3 supplement. Pass it along and make sure your organization knows about all the ways this product is […]


The Real Switch Challenge

Take a look at our latest video release. It attempts to educate consumers about what’s really in most vitamins is shocking. Coal tar, petroleum, rocks: they’re all common ingredients in synthetic supplements, which makes up […]


My Thoughts on Natural Vitamins in 2011

I have been asked on many occasions to share my thoughts about naturally sourced vitamins and minerals, specifically why I prefer them when designing new product formulations. My thinking on this subject has evolved over […]


Mannatech’s Healthy Science Blog Wins Web Health Award

Once again, Mannatech’s excellence in educating the public about nutrition and health has been confirmed by a panel of experts. Mannatech’s blog was bestowed a Winter/Spring 2011 Web Health Silver Award by the Health Information Resource […]